Compete in
NFT tournaments based on real trading data
NFT tournaments
Collect NFT cards with top coins
Compete against other traders
Earn new NFT cards and TON!
Make Crypto Fun Again!
Grab’em all!
Gather gorgeous NFT cards with the best coins
1000 per era
100 per era
10 per era
Compete and
win prizes
  • Enter free or paid contests to compete for NFTs and TON

  • Pick 5 coins that will grow the most in the next 1 day

  • Watch your portfolio perform in real-time and get prizes if you win
New card drops every quarter
Each quarter a new era begins!
The journey starts in
Clans are fighting for power in the Web 3 territories!

Participate in the first sale and join the battle!
Join our community to win exclusive NFTs!
  • Team hiring.
  • Business & system analytics.
  • Smart contracts development.
  • Creating social media channels.
  • Whitelists distribution.
  • Launch Era 1 NFT cards sale.
Q3 2022
  • Game release.
  • Trade NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Launch Era 2 NFT cards sale.
Q4 2022
  • New game mechanics.
  • New features to improve the economics.
  • Launch Era 3 NFT cards sale.
Q1 2023
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