Fantasy Invest — Daily Fantasy Sport Meets The Stock Market
Pick your favorite stocks for the fantasy portfolio, win daily games and rise on the leaderboard!
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What is Fantasy Invest?
Fantasy Invest is a mashup between fantasy sports and the stock market.

Our app allows gamers to create fantasy stock portfolios, compete with friends and colleagues, and test the waters with the stock market without any risk involved.

Fantasy Invest is entirely free.

Who is our perfect contestant?
Everyone who came here from Product Hunt. Each of you needs to finish five daily games to become a contestant. That's it! Please enter your email, and we will let you know if you win!
Who is this Stock Picking Dog?
You know those octopuses and parrots which predict sport matches outcomes?

Ok, have you ever read a seemingly smart stock newsletter recommending some picks, and when those fail, pretending as if nothing happened?

Well, our Stock Picking Dog is a little bit of both.

It's time to get closer to the market and check how right you are
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