Rules for the "Fantasy Invest" game

(hereinafter referred to as the "Rules")

A. Principles

1. Eligibility: download and usage of the Fantasy Invest app is for free. If a user wants to compete with other users in specific cases as described below, the user will be required to pay a fixed fee to get the right to participate in the competition. The user can also receive, accumulate, buy and spend Fantasy Coins as described below.

2. Full and unconditional acceptance: participation in the competition constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Rules and other legal documents provided by the Fantasy Invest app. If a user does not agree to the Rules, or a specific part of the Rules, or any other legal document provided by the Fantasy Invest app, the User must refrain from participation in the competition and/or using the Fantasy Invest app.

3. Fantasy Invest is an entertainment game only designed with the aim of having fun and pleasure. One can use it for educational and other non-commercial purposes, but any kind of such an activity shall fall within the scope of these Rules.

B. Terms and definitions

1. "Daily Game" means a game between users with assembled portfolios as described in Clause C2 herein.

2. "Fantasy Coin" means an additional electronic tool which may be received, accumulated, or disposed by a user on certain terms specified herein.

3. "Tool" means a share, a bond, currency or any other financial instrument applicable hereto which may be put into the Portfolio by the user.

4. "Loss" means loss expressed in U.S. dollars in relation to the Portfolio or a specific Tool.

5. "Performance" means percentage of change in the assembled Portfolio or a specific Tool on the basis of results of the last Daily Game and previous Daily Games.

6. "Portfolio" means a set of Tools chosen by the user in order to take part in the Daily Game.

7. "Profit" means profit expressed in U.S. dollars in relation to the Portfolio or a specific Tool.

8. "Store" means a showcase in the Fantasy Invest app where a user can exchange Fantasy Coins for the Fantasy Invest partners' items.

C. Description of Daily Games

1. A user enters the Daily Game before it starts and composes a 5-company Portfolio. He/she can change his/her preferences concerning chosen companies before the Daily Game launch.

2. The Daily Game gets started at the moment of the NASDAQ trades opening and continues until the stock exchange closes (from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., EST) within the same day.

3. A user gets his/her points depending on the stocks dynamic of the chosen companies and stock percentage changes during the day.

4. The percentage is calculated by determining the proportion between the stock price fixed at the moment of the NASDAQ trade opening and the price displayed at the end of the trade day.

5. Points gained for each company in the Portfolio are put together in a final score. The user who gets the highest score is the winner of the Daily Game at that day.

6. All points collected by users in Daily Games are exposed in a pivot rating table based on which users get their gamer rates in a top-list.

7. After completion of the Daily Game a user will see results of the Daily Game, as well as Performance info, upon the next entrance into the Fantasy Invest app.

8. Fantasy Invest cannot in any manner influence start, duration, completion, or results of any Daily Game, and therefore affect the rating table, Portfolio, or Performance of a separate user.

9. Fantasy Invest guarantees that no user can or is allowed to change any part of these Rules or any other regulations which relate to the Fantasy Invest app, including, but not limited to, creation of separate destinations (playing rooms) with another rules and regulations different from what is expressed herein.

D. Receipt, accumulation, and disposal of Fantasy Coins

1. Each user can see his/her Fantasy Coins balance in his/her profile.

2. Each user can receive additional Fantasy Coins on the basis of positive Performance or by an acceptance to run through advertisement if the user's balance of Fantasy Coins is negative or null.

3. Each user can lose his/her Fantasy Coins on the basis of his/her Performance.

4. Each user can accumulate his/her Fantasy Coins without bothering of gaining or losing them until he/her starts the Daily Game.

5. Each user can exchange his/her Fantasy Coins for the Fantasy Invest partners' items as specified in the Store.

6. Fantasy Coins are considered as the inner Fantasy Invest app's tool and cannot be used anywhere outside the application. Each user can dispose his/her Fantasy Coins in the Store or during participation in Daily Games only.

7. No user is allowed to:

  • claim Fantasy Coins back if he/she has already exchanged Fantasy Coins for the items specified in the Store;

  • transfer his/her Fantasy Coins to any third party;

  • exchange Fantasy Coins with any third party in any manner except as directly specified herein;

  • inherit or transmit his/her Fantasy Coins;

  • dispose his/her Fantasy Coins in any other way except cases as provided by the Rules.
8. Any issues and/or disputes, arising out of or connected with delivery, quantity, quality, assortment, information support or any other features of the items exchanged at the Store for Fantasy Coins shall be resolved between a user and the Fantasy Invest partner. Fantasy Invest may provide a user with partner's contact details upon a request, but in any case bears no responsibility for such a partner's conduct.

E. Miscellaneous

Apple Inc. and other companies are not sponsors of the app and they also do not associate to its development and release.